How to Easily and Inexpensively

Test Your Niche Book First!

The best ideas and finest-honed prose won't earn you a dime unless enough folks in your niche buy your book!

So why would you write and publish it without testing its buyability first?

Nothing will make you more money faster and with less risk than niche publishing.   

I wrote the step-by-step book, Niche Publishing, that shows you precisely how to do that… 

But before you start writing, proofing, designing, cover-getting, and the rest, you need to know how many buyers in your niche market will pay to read your words. 

You want to know precisely how much you can expect to earn from your book before you do much else.  

To do that, you need a quick, inexpensive test before you go any farther. 

Then only when you know (from their responses to the test) that they will buy your book with that title, at that price, and with the contents you promises, should you dig in and write, publish, and sell your book—or audio CD, or course, or whatever you want to test! 

There's no magic to the testing, but there may be 100 other ways to do it that will take too much time and cost too much money. 

Hear my 42-minute CD (and/or read the script) and consider the straightforward process it describes. Look at the testing tools to see how quick and doable it is.

You could be testing in a week or two, or right now if you have your book thought through but don't know what to do first. 

What do I talk about on the audio CD? 

  • your niche market
  • your book subject
  • finding a mailing list
  • your one-page test flyer  
  • your book title
  • a test note to your potential buyers
  • a postcard
  • the pre-test cost
  • expected results, and
  • composing and mailing the test packet 

The purpose of the test? 

To get you knowledgably and quickly producing and selling a niche book that will find buyers the moment it sees light and earn you what you want by the fastest and best route possible. 

A book that can be in your market's hands literally in weeks or months… 

How long will it take to know that you have a winner? You should know within 30 days of sending out the first of the two tests. 

How do I know? Because I've done this same test successfully five times (resulting in 20 published books), and I've overseen others doing precisely what I describe scores of times more. 

Did every test promise big returns and lots of eager buyers? Most did because of the way the test is designed (including all of my own tests), but about a third of others' tests brought disappointing responses. Thank God, though, they didn't spend thousands of dollars publishing those books first! 

 Is saving thousands of dollars for the assurance that others will eagerly buy what you write and print worth $39 for the full audio and script—or $19 for the script and testing tools only?   

 That's exactly what "How to Easily and Inexpensively Test Your Niche Book First!"costs. (The audio CD includes the script in downloadable text form for those who, like me, want to read what they just heard!) 

Plus a model test packet that you can also download and customize to use in your own test. 

We have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. 

That's it. You must be satisfied with Test Your Niche Book First! 

If you aren't 100% satisfied with it, just let me know within 60 days. 

I'll send you a prompt refund of your money and you can keep the audio CD, the script, and/or the testing tools with my compliments. 

Remember, there are thousands of people in your niche field who need to know what you want to tell them. But it's only prudent to test first to see if they want it the way you are thinking of titling and writing it at the price you want to charge.  

So to order Test Your Niche Market First! on a 60-day risk-free trial basis, just click below now: 



Gordon Burgett    

P.S. You now have a choice: (1) the full audio CD, script, and testing tools or (2) the script and testing tools. See the order form below. 


About Gordon Burgett

Gordon Burgett specializes in niche publishing and empire-building from writing, speaking, and product development. That is the theme of his monthly newsletter, “Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire.”

Gordon has also given 2000+ paid spoken presentations nationwide, written 36 published books and 1,700+ freelance magazine and newspaper articles, and is the owner and director of two publishing firms. His most recent book is Niche Publishing: Publishing Profitably Every Time.

Four of Burgett’s books have been Writer’s Digest Book Club top choices: Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles, The Travel Writer’s Guide, The Writer’s Guide to Query and Cover Letters, and How to Sell More Than 75% of Your Freelance Writing.

In 2007, three of Gordon's books were revised, updated, and reprinted: How to Plan a Great Second Life, the Travel Writer's Guide, and Sell and Resell Your Magazine Articles. His first novel also saw life that year.

Burgett is the Executive Editor of, leading visual travel podcast production firm in world, and for years has appeared as a talk show guest on radio and TV shows across America, mostly about niche publishing and travel writing.

What They Say About Gordon Burgett

"I looked you up on the Internet, signed up for your newsletter, read your articles, and said, "This guy is really giving out the goods!" For me it is concrete information that I can run with, so I was glad to be able to get your Niche Publishing book. Your presentation and material are concise, Gordon, and I appreciate that."
---Jan Ellis

"I've been reading and profiting from your stuff for decades. Your cover article in the April PMA Independent (about niche publishing) is yet another example of your unmatched ability to present useful, practical ideas in a concise and entertaining fashion."
---Bob Bly, author of The Copyrighter’s Handbook

"People buy nonfiction books to learn something or to solve a problem. In Niche Publishing, you will discover how to help more readers and sell more books by focusing your message."
---Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual

"Read Niche Publishing if you want to fill a niche with a best selling book."
---John Kremer, author, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

"Wonderful framework for thinking about how and what to publish. I am an editor who works in professional publishing. Niche Publishing will show you, step by step, how to brainstorm, evaluate, create and execute more successful single titles, series, and lists. This is a terrific and useful book."
---Tim Bigby

"Well done! As a publishing professional involved in publishing Jewish books, Niche Publishing is a virtual tome of useful information. It is hard to believe this is a work of just under 200 pages! Everything is well explained. (Gordon) helps you understand what to look for in your market. Analyze who they are. And ultimately, see how to create and market products geared specifically for them."
---Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, Jewish World Publishing

"Here's the book that shows you how to focus and concentrate all your efforts on (your niche market): how to determine the needs, produce the goods and sell the product (at a profit). What I personally enjoyed the most was the thorough case study at the end (it's over 40 pages long) of the whole process done on one of the books he worked on. Packed with practical information, Niche Publishing is a book for that would-be author who's almost lost hope for his "baby" to ever come to birth. The "labor" is hard, but the result is well worth it. If you're in that niche that needs a book like this, get it. It's packed with what you need to know."
---Rod Harrington

Gordon Burgett's excellent Travel Writer's Guide was instrumental in the launch of my freelance writing career. In the 1990s I had three hiking guides on northern California published by The Mountaineers Books, and I wrote over 100 magazine and newspaper travel and outdoors articles. His writing and marketing advice has also helped me land over 200 assignments to create supplements and ancillaries for college textbooks. His blog and newsletter continue to provide me with important tips as I move into the next phase of my career, creating information products.
---John Soares, author of Maximum Productivity for Freelance Writers

"In Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time! Gordon Burgett presents straight talk to writers about how to target a specialty market for your book and how to sell to that market. This book is valuable for saving promotional money and time. Gordon Burgett also compares and contrasts the information in his book to that of other best-sellers and he gives references for further research. He is an authority on writing and publishing, having written 35 published books. He (also) owns two niche publishing companies."
---Kathy Noltze, author of Flanders: Bits of Belgium

"We now live in the age of desk top publishing and Print-on-Demand presses where anyone with a manuscript and some cash can get published. But getting published profitably is quite another matter. That takes planning, preparation, and perseverance. It also takes a 'how to' manual like successful author-turned-publisher Gordon Burgett's Niche Publishing: Publish Profitably Every Time. (This book) should be considered essential reading and a core addition to the Writing/Publishing reference shelf of any author or novice publisher aspiring to be published profitably and with a minimum of risk."
---James A. Cox, Library Bookwatch

"Gordon, thank you for the Travel Writer's Guide."
"I can't even begin to tell you how much I learned from your text. So many of the ideas you provide have assisted me well beyond travel writing. I've sold several non-travel articles because of things I learned in your book."
---Gregory A. Kompes

Terrific article in the December (2009) issue of IBPA! As a "book shepherd" I need to stay on the cutting edge, as much as possible. The ebook situation is critical for me to understand and your article is a huge help. Thank you so very much.
--- Ellen Reid of Ellen Reid's Book Shepherding (

Hello Gordon!
I recently contacted you to request a copy of your booklet on how to plan a great second life. Awesome work! And I have also recently acquired your book by the same name.
Thanks, Gordon! ...(Y)our work is awesome and inspiring—a true gift to the world!
---Denver Hudson